Documentary Narration & In-Show Voice Over

Who is Will Vincent?

Husband, father, US Marine Corps veteran, voice actor, occasional filmmaker...

Will is a voice over and character actor with a passion for documentary films and documentary-like television. He brings a dynamic, versatile, accent neutral deep American male voice to the show. As a documentary narrator, his voice can capture your viewer's attention and gracefully guide them through the story helping to bring your documentary to life.

Straight to the Point – He's Not Morgan Freeman

But, if you wanted to hire Morgan Freeman, Kenneth Branagh, or David Attenborough, you'd be talking to their agents.

What Will is, is a highly trained voice actor, with a passion for documentaries. He fondly remembers going to the theater annually to see the latest Warren Miller ski film as a child. He soaks up documentary content like a sponge, and would love to work with you to narrate the story of your documentary. Whether it's a nature documentary film, geographic footage, or animal documentary series, destined for the cinema, small screen, or streaming, every documentary needs a storyteller, Will would like to lend his voice to yours. Let him captivate your audience, and bring his vocal talent to your visual storytelling.

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