Will Vincent
American Male Voice Actor

Direct ∙ Manly ∙ Easy ∙ Relaxed ∙ Dry

Commercial Demo
Automotive Demo
Radio Imaging - Rock/Alternative
Raw Studio Sound

Need a trustworthy male voice over talent, but don't have time to audition hundreds of voice actors for your project?

No problem!

Get direct, no-nonsense, broadcast quality voice over fast, and easy. Like it should be.


Dear reader,

Hi! I'm

Will Vincent — husband, father, USMC veteran, voice over and character actor based in central Minnesota.


highly trained in commercial voiceover

and I also specialize in

automotive, radio imaging, explainer videos, eLearning, corporate narration, documentaries, and character voices for gaming and animation

as well as many other forms of voice over — so I can probably help you with your project.

Whether you're looking for a conversational guy next door, a classic deep voice authoritative announcer, a whimsical storyteller, or a warm reassuring voice, I'm certain that in collaboration we can find a distinctive, relatable tone for every project.

Please explore my voice actor website – be sure to check out all my demos. For more detail about my back story, training, and studio environment please see the about page.

I can turn around most short-form projects within one day! And, I'd love to provide you with a custom audition or quote for your project. Reach out or schedule a complimentary voice over consultation to get started.

Best regards,

Will Vincent

Trusted voice of

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New York
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Allie Silber
(212) 379-6314

Broadcast-Quality Studio

Fully remote ADR and dubbing ready!

Studio Space

  • Acoustically treated WhisperRoom vocal booth
  • Dedicated edit/mix station

Remote Sessions


  • Sennheiser 416
  • Lewitt LCT440-pure
  • Tula mic

Audio Hardware

  • UA Apollo Twin/DUO interface
  • UA Apollo Solo interface
  • Solid State Logic SSL2
  • Manley Voxbox Preamp

Computer System

  • Custom-built macOS machine
  • iZotope RX10 standard suite
  • 750Mbps / 75Mbps Wired Internet


One Voice Awards 2023 Nominee

Professional Membership

National Association of Voice Actors