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New York
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Allie Silber
(212) 379-6314

Broadcast-Quality Studio

Fully remote ADR and dubbing ready!

Studio Space

  • Acoustically treated WhisperRoom vocal booth
  • Dedicated edit/mix station

Remote Sessions


  • Sennheiser 416
  • Lewitt LCT440-pure
  • Tula mic

Audio Hardware

  • UA Apollo Twin/DUO interface
  • UA Apollo Solo interface
  • Solid State Logic SSL2
  • Manley Voxbox Preamp

Computer System

  • Custom-built macOS machine
  • iZotope RX10 standard suite
  • 750Mbps / 75Mbps Wired Internet

Professional Membership

National Association of Voice Actors

Frequent questions

Do you offer background music or sound effects?

Yes! I have several music and sound effects libraries, and can do a complete mix of music and effects along with my voice.

What language(s) and accents do you offer?

I am a native born US English speaker. Primarily I have a fairly accent-neutral to midwestern accent. I can do a variety of other accents, to varying degrees of believability. If you're looking for something other than my actual voice, reach out with details and I'll do a custom audition for you.

What microphone do you use?

I record most of my work with a Lewitt LCT-440 pure. It's an Austrian brand that is very similar in sound to a Neumann TLM103.

What is your revision policy?

Performance mistakes - missed or mispronounced words are fixed at no charge. Depending on script length usually one or two rounds of revision regarding pace or tone are included and extra rounds will incur additional charges. Script rewrites are similar. More in depth, project specific revision details will be included with a quote.

Do you record in a studio?

Yes, I have a dedicated professional studio in my home, and record my voice overs in an acoustically treated WhisperRoom.

Where and in what timezone are you located?

I am in central Minnesota, about an hour outside of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. That is the US Central (Chicago) timezone.

What is your turn around time?

It will vary based on script length, other work in the queue and potentially scheduling around directed sessions, but typically I will deliver your order within 24-48 hours for scripts under 1,500 words.

Is there anything you won't do?

It really depends on the project, the purpose, the intended use case, and so forth, but I will not record anything that is overtly abusive or hateful, pornographic material, etc. I reserve the right to reject any script I'm not comfortable reading or having my voice associated with indefinitely.