All about Will Vincent

I am a graduate of the Radio & TV Broadcasting program at Brown Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Locally, nationally, and globally I punch hard for my clients in film, music, and advertising. I've been a resident DJ in several of the most popular Minneapolis nightclubs, worked in front of and behind the camera on independent film, acted in film and live theater, was an on-air personality at one of the nation's original top 40 radio stations, and I'm a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

...and not quite as old as that list makes me sound.

I'll be your  voice. Let's get started today.

Studio & Equipment

View inside the voice over booth

I record in an acoustically treated WhisperRoom vocal booth within a dedicated, quiet, studio space in my home.

So there are no recording delays due to weather, neighbors mowing, barking dogs, passing trains or thermonuclear warhead detonations either — even though I record with very sensitive microphones, which run into a Universal Audio interface with the Manley Voxbox preamp plugin.

My internet is hard-wired ethernet connected to high-speed cable. Remote direction options include; phone, skype, zoom, and Source Connect standard. Additional connection methods can also usually be accomodated with advance notice.

When self-directed, most projects can be turned around within 24 hours.

What this all means for you is clean, broadcast quality audio, delivered fast and hassle free.

Trusted voice of

Diverse experience

For the past 20, years I've also excelled in a software engineering career, achieving some interesting accolades along the way including being one of the first dozen people in the world to earn a Grand Master Developer title for Drupal development, a popular content management system in use by businesses and governments globally.

Some notable brands I've worked with include: 3M, Autodesk, Chevrolet, Cisco, Gillette, LifeTouch, Wizards of the Coast, and Verizon.

My vocal style is direct (no BS), manly, easy (who you callin' "easy."), relaxed, dry, and reassuring. I'm proud to represent you. Let's do this.

Absolutely incredible voice actor - such a professional! And amazingly quick turn around... I'll be working him again and again!

I am professionally trained by Nancy Wolfson, It was tough but I'm built for hard things.

Having worked both blue and white collar jobs, spent time in the military and the past two decades as a software developer, I have a diverse background of life experience to draw from when finding the right tone for your script.

This makes me a natural choice for technical computer jargon, but also relatable to truck drivers or cooks, anyone from the board room to the bar room – homeroom to home plate. Whomever, and wherever your audience is, I have a delivery style and tone to fit your project.

I'm looking forward to working with you to fulfill your project's creative needs.
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One Voice Awards 2023 Nominee