Professional Male Voice for the Automotive Industry

  • KIA Summer Sale 0:00
    Upbeat, Energetic
  • Frontier Chevrolet: Silverado 0:14
    Gritty, Rugged, Truck
  • Audi of Irvine 0:26
  • Dodge: Clear the Lot Sale 0:39
    Powerful, Hard-Sell
  • Crest Cadillac 0:51
    Friendly, Conversational
  • Disclaimers 1:06

About Will Vincent

Will Vincent is a full-time professional male voice actor, working in the automotive industry. He provides voiceovers for online videos, web-based advertisements, radio and television ads, explainers, e-learning and other training material, on-hold messaging and more. He works from a dedicated, professional recording studio in his home, delivering broadcast-quality voice recordings fast and hassle free.

A Versatile Automotive Voice for Your Brand

The automotive industry accounts for 3% of America's GDP. Despite shutdowns, slowdowns, and parts availability issues the US produced 9.2 million vehicles in 2021, a 4.5% increase from 2020, and sold an estimated 13.75 million new cars and light trucks, and an additional 36 million used vehicles, in 2022. As a whole, Americans spend nearly $700 billion annually on the combination of automobile loans and insurance. That's a pretty large pie, and competition is fierce.

Whether you're a single dealership selling luxury automobiles, or a dealer group selling new and used cars, trucks, and SUVs, you want a professional automotive voice over talent who is trained and proficient in a variety of voice styles used in automotive commercials. Will Vincent has trained with the best in the business to deliver professional voice recordings for the auto industry. Whether it's car commercials to accelerate your automotive campaign, advertisements for luxury vehicles, car spots for your dealerships, or even narration for training material at car dealerships across your organization.

Automotive Voiceover that Stands Above Your Competition

Car sales is a competitive game. You're fighting for the ever-decreasing attention of an often disinterested audience. Capturing that attention and turning those people into buyers for your brand is challenging. Whatever type of vehicle you're selling, you need a voice capable of delivering a variety of tones and moods to reach your audience. Will's voice can reach through the radio or TV with a chatty conversational tone to reach millennials who definitely don't want to be talked at in a sales pitch. He can speak in a rugged, gritty, or edgy tone to connect to truck buyers in a relatable way. Or perhaps you're looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, family-friendly relatable voice to talk about the safety features in an SUV that appeals to families. Or, maybe a high-energy, in-your-face hard sell holiday extravaganza is more your speed.

Whether your target audience is looking for pure luxury, electric hybrids or EVs, a budget option to commute to work or school, or looking to upgrade their truck for some off-road excitement. Will has a style to connect with your many customers, new and old, and drive traffic to your location. Buying a car is an experience, start that experience with the professional voice talent dealerships around the country trust.

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Broadcast-Quality Studio

Studio Space

  • Acoustically treated WhisperRoom vocal booth
  • Dedicated edit/mix station

Remote Sessions


  • Sennheiser 416
  • Lewitt LCT440-pure
  • Tula mic

Audio Hardware

  • UA Apollo Twin/DUO interface
  • UA Apollo Solo interface
  • Solid State Logic SSL2
  • Manley Voxbox Preamp

Computer System

  • Custom-built macOS machine
  • iZotope RX8 standard suite
  • 750Mbps / 75Mbps Wired Internet

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