eLearning Narration Voice Over Demos

  • New Patio Door 0:00
    Casual, Conversational, Home Improvement
  • pfSense Router 0:29
    Casual, Instructional, Technology
  • Simple Machines 0:52
    Conspiratorial, Fun, Kids
  • New Home Checklist 1:03
    Friendly, Conversational, Home Ownership
  • Sprained Ankle 1:24
    Formal, Instructional, First Aid

eLearning is Everywhere

As more and more e-learning courses are produced, it becomes increasingly important to utilizing a professional narrator if you want to stand apart from the crowd.

The days of handing a rough outline off to a random employee who has a "nice voice" to narrate a PowerPoint presentation are over. It's time for something better.

You have essential training material to teach your customers, students, and employees. Whether that is sales training, how to use an application, assembly instructions for your products, elementary or higher educational courses and continuing education, HR programs, or anything in between, a professional voice will imparts the right amount of levity and gravitas, driving your points home, while allowing your audience to enjoy the experience.

Use a Professional Voice Actor

From module to module, a clear engaging, conversational, or authoritative eLearning narrator ensures your instructional material is communicated in a relatable manner promoting increased retention and understanding of the subject matter. If you want your learners to get the most out of your courses, there's no question - you need a voice talent who can deliver.

I can provide that voice and collaborate with you to present your instructional eLearning material in the most effective manner for your audience, whether they are children, employees, or your average Joe putting together his new smoker, lawn mower, or gazebo.

I'd love to work with you to help with production of your training program. I deliver high quality, fully edited audio that is ready to use - fast, and hassle free.

Your e-learning or corporate training video deserves to sound the best it can, I'll help you achieve that!

Contact me today to discuss your project and request a free custom sample or quote.

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